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The Write Attitude

What’s Your Story?

A good story, well told, will always gain traction and be remembered by its readers.

To me, the ‘write attitude’ isn’t just about the way you think or the way you look at things, it’s more about how you approach a challenge, how you address an issue and, in my case, how well you can listen.


I’m a writer, and like to think that I have the ‘write attitude’ when it comes to taking a brief, turning it into an idea and then making it work in the marketplace. It’s what I do and have been doing – with great success – for quite a number of years now.


I write with commitment, passion, persistence and purpose.


Although the vast majority of my working career was spent in advertising as a copywriter, I’ve devoted most of the last decade to establishing myself as a published author. It took me a while but I finally found my great love – telling stories and helping others to get their own stories told and into print.


Everyone has a story in them waiting to be told and my role is helping them to get it written and published.