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LOVE. HONOUR. RESPECT. A grieving mother’s heartfelt tribute to her son.
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LOVE. HONOUR. RESPECT. A grieving mother’s heartfelt tribute to her son.



I met Andrea Anderson late in 2016 and what struck me about this bubbly Kiwi was how passionate she was about life and how proudly she championed her Maori culture.


At the time, Andrea was grieving the tragic loss of her 25-year old son, Josh, who had died as the result of a car accident in New Zealand. Andrea was living and working in Western Australia and we had met through business contacts.


When she discovered what I did she told me that she was writing a story about her son’s passing and asked if I would take a look at what she had written to date. She sent me a sheaf of hand-written pages of what she had penned to date.


I was impressed with what I read. It was rough around the edges but had incredible potential as a powerful story of how a mother deals with the loss of a son and the important role culture and ritual play in the grieving process for Maori people. I encouraged her to keep at it and keep in touch.


Some months passed and then, out of the blue, I received a call from Andrea saying that she had finished her book and would I like to read it and give her my thoughts.


I read the draft and now Andrea and I are working on finishing a manuscript for ‘LOVE. HONOUR. RESPECT’ a powerfully moving story that is sure to stir the emotions and inspire anyone who has ever been through the agonising experience of the loss of a loved one.


Look out for more information on ‘LOVE. HONOUR. RESPECT’ on this site in coming months. It is a must-read story that it has been my privilege to help tell.