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Maddington Football Club 100 years/Steve Jarvis’ Journal
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Maddington Football Club 100 years/Steve Jarvis’ Journal

Maddington Football Club 100 years/Steve Jarvis’ Journal. 2022

When Nathan Want and Trent Harding approached me to help them produce a book to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of their suburban football club, I thought it would most likely be a small job that I could fit in between bigger projects. How wrong I was!

What started as a small bubble exploded into a full-blown, in-depth story of not just the history of this larger-than-life club but detailed research into the pioneering families who not only provided sons and daughters to play and support the club but helped create a community that contributed to the growth and development of Perth.

It was a fascinating journey that unearthed some gems, including an old handwritten journal from the club’s centenarian stalwart, Steve Jarvis, who celebrated his own 100th birthday in the year before the club own 100-year festivities. The discovery of the journal turned out to be the lynchpin for the book and, ended up as a separate publication in its own right.

The number of hours our team (Nathan, Trent and myself) spent conducting interviews, researching stories, crosschecking facts and stats was mind boggling. But it was worth the effort. The result was a 200-page plus book that would do justice to an AFL club’s publication.

The rest of the team – Wayne Curtis, whose cover design and page layouts more than did justice to the 120,000 or more words contained in the book, hit the right note for the feel and look; Toni Esser, our super-reliable typesetter and page assembler worked like the ‘Energiser bunny’ that she is to meet a very tight deadline, exacerbated by last minute changes and additions that would have tested the patience of a saint.

And Jim Croeser, our trusted print broker found an economical small print run solution that allowed us to print and deliver a totally professional 234-page publication that was enthusiastically received (and purchased) by the 250 people who packed the Burswood on Swan venue for the very successful launch.

This ‘little’ project turned into one of my proudest publishing achievements.





January 13, 2023


Biography, Inspiration