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Hiddlestone Electrics 100 years
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Hiddlestone Electrics 100 years

Hiddlestone Electrics 100 years. 2020

Telling the story of a one-hundred-year history for a family-based Subiaco electrical company, might be seen as a pretty dry tale.

Except for the fact that this was no ordinary family business. The Hiddlestones were pioneers of the early days of Subiaco and of the fledgling electrical industry that had its spark at the turn of the 20th Century in Perth.

The Hiddlestone brothers – Howard, Cec and Bert – were standout characters in and around Subiaco back in the day and made a name for themselves not just as hard-workers but also as members of the local community. Oldest brother Howard founded the company in 1920 after returning from meritorious service in World War I, alongside his father. But it would be youngest brother Cec, who would eventually become the patriarch of the family and would eventually pass the reins to son, Vern, who would so astutely guide and build the successful modern-day version of Hiddlestone Electrics.

Working alongside Vern’s daughter, Natalie, who was the driving force behind the project, I was ably supported by my Project Manager, Matt Cowan who kept a watchful eye on the progress and budget. The brilliant graphic design skills of Jess Griffiths from The Pink Tank, gave the final product the look, feel and gravitas that this historic publication warranted.

There is a deep amount of satisfaction from researching, uncovering and acknowledging the characters whose vision and foresight helped shape our great State.





January 13, 2023


Biography, Inspiration