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Paddle The Nile
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Paddle The Nile

Paddle The Nile. Sarah Davis. 2022

Paddle The Nile was a different project for me. Author and adventurer, Sarah Davis, tracked me down through a mutual friend, to help edit and finalise her manuscript, which was based on her incredible solo journey, paddling the length of the mighty Nile River – the first female to do so.

Sarah is a very determined, driven woman who I grew to admire and respect for her grit and honesty. Driven by a desire to do something outside of the ordinary, she decided on this incredibly arduous challenge.

A meticulous note-taker, Sarah documented her four thousand kilometre-plus journey in minute detail and had turned the diary she wrote into a compelling tale but was at a loss as to whether the story had appeal or needed editing and, if so, how to take the book to market.

I offered to review and edit the story, which I did – and enjoyed the process immensely. I found myself becoming totally engrossed in her journey as I edited. After some spirited discussions, (did I mention that Sarah is a very passionately committed person, too?) we finally had a manuscript that we felt could take to the next stage.

Enter Josie Dickinson, another of the very talented graphic designers I work closely with on my book projects. The pair hit it off immediately and Josie proceeded to weave her magic on the presentation side of the book and gave it a look and feel that gelled seamlessly with the book’s contents.

The result was, a brilliant, professionally presented, inspirational story that I have no doubt will become a best seller in years to come.





January 13, 2023


Biography, Inspiration