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Speaking Savvy
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Speaking Savvy

Speaking Savvy. Lisa Evans 2017

I thought long and hard about including this title on my website because, to be perfectly honest, it is the only time I’ve parted company with one of my authors throughout my enjoyable journey as an author and mentor.

Lisa’s story is a fascinating one and I convinced her that it should be told. Initially, she wanted to write a ‘how to’ book on public speaking. But the story of how she became a public speaker was, from my perspective, an integral part of her book and way more interesting. She had been a neo-natal nurse at King ‘Eddie’s’ as everyone knows the iconic maternity hospital in Perth’s Subiaco, but was struck down by a virus that resulted in her losing her hearing.

Her path to public speaking emerged as a result of her rehabilitation after receiving a cochlear ear implant that meant she had to learn how to ‘hear’ again in a very different way. This was the story. It was inspirational, it was uplifting and it also set her apart in the competitive world and the plethora of publications about learning how to speak in public.

That we fell out at the last hurdle was both a disappointment and a shock to me. We had worked together so closely over such an extended period on crafting this compelling story. Lisa went on to publish her book but, unfortunately it would appear that my substantial contribution and involvement in helping her tell her story was totally erased, which saddened me. You live and learn.




January 13, 2021


Biography, Inspiration