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The Write Attitude


Deciding whether you have a story worth telling is the first decision we need to make. It’s been my experience that everyone has a story to be told. The hard part is getting it down on paper and getting it told well.

Story structures and styles vary widely. Deciding on how your story will be told and how it is presented is where I can help. Flashback, first person, third person, narrative … all of these approaches work and are effective in storytelling … you tell me your story and I’ll help you decide on the best way to tell it.


A great story has a solid structure, a logical flow, interesting and appealing content and builds to a strong finish. My job is to show you how to build a ‘great story’ based on in-depth research and information gathering.


Some already know their story inside out and can’t wait to get it on paper. My role is to mentor and guide them through the writing process. Others know what they want to say but don’t feel they are articulate enough to get it out and written. Interpreting their thoughts and giving them a ‘voice’ is one of the skills I’ve honed over many years of practice. I have a talent for capturing someone’s ‘tone of voice’ and turning it to the written word.


I love helping people tell their story. There is no right or wrong way to tell it. Just as long as you get it told and get it out there!


Download my ‘Book Mentors’ brochure for more information.